Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stuart Lake ice

It is May 3 and Stuart Lake is still covered in ice. I scanned the open area at the mouth of the river for birds yesterday. There is an amazing amount of birds in the open water.500+ Western Grebes, 100+ Red-necked Grebe, 25 Common Loon, several hundred Northern Pintails and many others that were lost in the crowd.
The area around home has White-crown Sparrows everywhere, several hundred in the area. They will be around for a couple of weeks then leave for the northern nesting areas. The spring birds are slowly arriving, we had our first and so far only Rufous Hummingbird arrive on Thursday. I hope it is a good year for them, we have had up to 250 coming to our feeders in past years.


  1. Our ice disappeared completely about 3 days after you left here. The water rose about three feet in three days. All the paths and wooden walks are flooded.

  2. I would love some ice down here in FL right about now. We topped out at 91+ yesterday and are in the middle of a severe drought.

    250 humming birds visited you last year. Wow!